Challenger Design was founded in 2017, with the aim to help small businesses get their companies on the map. We want to offer our clients the oppurtunity to relieve stress from a busy business schedule by passing us the tedious work.

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By signing on with Challenger Design, you will free up alot more time to progress your business further to what you want it to be.

On social media alone a company will spend over 10 hours a month updating and monitoring their account, let alone scheduling posts.

We are a very small team of people who are highly qualified in our own specific fields. The courses that each of us have completed reflect on the work and services we produce.

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You are always kept close and personal with our company. We like to ask "how your day has been?" or "hows the kids?". Soon after meeting, we would like to believe that you will trust each of our staff to achieve exactly what you have imagined for your business.

Our friendly approach to our clients and high quality and quick turn around on our services gain us excellent feedback from our customers. We will always aim to remain in contact with our clients, and are always available to help.

The packages on marketing campaigns we have available can help your business, no matter what your marketing budget is. We aim to help every business, regardless of its size and advertising capabilities.