Web Design

Challenger design was first established as a web design company. We later progressed to offer more services as we went along. Web Development was introduced shortly afterwards and we refer to both as if they were one of the same.

Believe it or not they are actually two different things when creating a website. Web design refers to the visual side of the website, using programs like adobe photoshop and illustrator, designers make a website look attractive. Web development on the other hand is the back end of the website, using code languages such as html, css etc. developers make the website work.

At Challenger design we believe in simple but effective websites. We try not to cram too much information in, as this can slow down the website and more importantly force the viewer to lose interest.

We always design a website as our client chooses and are always there to suggest and advise what could be best.

Our aim is to have a fast turn around with our websites, with staff working almost all hours of the day, we usually achieve this.

Web Hosting

We do the complicated stuff so you dont have to at Challenger Design. Once we have a full file of code and images ready to be placed online for the whole world to see, we offer our hosting packages to ensure this is done correctly.

Our hosting packages can include options to have a professional email and a domain name. Domain names can often be taken, but we will fight to get the closest possibility to your initial request.

With staff always monitoring your website and giving regular checks, the hosting with us is a definate safety choice for your business.